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    • DEWSNeT 2015

      1st International conference on Dependable Embedded Wireless and Sensing Networks

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    World Telecom Day 2015

    Organized by Department of Telecommunication

Telecommunications engineering is a dynamic and rapidly developing field due to today’s heavy reliance on Internet, cellphones, broadband, wireless networks, broadcasting and satellite applications. Its industry is at the forefront of the information age. Telecom engineers design, implement and manage systems for processing and transmitting information. Our aim is to produce the high quality Telecom Personnel in various specialized areas such as Mobile and Wireless Communication, Terrestrial Satellite Communication, Multimedia and Networking.

PTCL Talent Hunt Program held at MUET, Jamshoro (Sept. 2, 2016)

Department of Telecommunication Engineering, MUET in collaboration with Pakistan Telecommunication Company limited (PTCL) arranged a PTCL talent hunt drive in main auditorium of MUET on 2nd September 2016. Final year students of Telecommunication, Software, Computer Systems, Electronics and Electrical Engineering of 13 Batch fully participated in it. Program was hosted by Engineer Rizwan Ali Shah of Telecommunication MUET by welcoming all respectable higher management of PTCL…

Seminar on In-House PCB Prototyping on LPKF Protomat

Telecommunication engineering department organized a seminar on “In-House PCB Prototyping on LPKF Protomat” under the umbrella of IEEE Microwave Theory and Techniques Society (MTT-S) SB Chapter at MUET. Mr. Ziaudin Shaikh, Director Technical, Zeeshan Electronics, Islamabad demonstrated the arch benefits of state-of-the-art prototyping techniques.

SS12 ASIA: Age of Innovation (August, 2016)

SS12 ASIA: Age of Innovation We take the privilege to announce the second international student project contest to be organized in Pakistan on August 31, 2016. The finals will be held in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu – India From September 26 to 27, 2016 Welcome to a brand new edition of SS12. SS12 is a Code-A-Thon…

Lecture on “Avenues for Higher Education and Careers Abroad an Insight” by Mohammad Hassan Khan

Avenues for Higher Education and Careers Abroad For Engineer Lecture on “Avenues for Higher Education and Careers Abroad an Insight” by Mohammad Hassan Khan, an Engineer from, Silicon Valley, California, USA @ Video Conference Hall, IT building Mehran UET, Jamshoro

Huawei Telecom Seeds for the Future Report

The seeds program is a wonderful opportunity to experience a new culture and learn about the technologies of the future. It is not just a program, instead it gives you the chance to develop your future. This program really is the great step towards the successful future of the ICT throughout the World. This program…

Telenor Event Report

Telenor team visited the Mehran UET main campus on April 05th 2016 to look for young talent under Telenor Excel Program. The team was received by Dr. Faisal K. Shaikh. Telenor team visited the Mehran UET main campus on 05-04-2016 to look for young talent under Telenor Excel Program. The team was received by Dr….

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