Research Activities

Faculty Members and Research Scholars are putting up their best efforts to provide highest quality of learning and research opportunities for students so as to make them competent professionals with high professional ethics to compete on a global scale. Following are some of the area in which the research is conducted, which may appear in many different forms as published articles, books, press releases or over the internet.

Optical Networks

The research focuses on the feasibility analysis of PON, GPON, and OCDMA coding used in optical networks as well as performance analysis of CDM/A for next generation optical networks.

Green Networks

We are exploring possible ways and techniques to save energy in communication networks without compromising network performance through mathematical modeling and simulation.

Wireless Sensor Networks

We are working on different areas such as reliable data transmission in Body Area Networks; data dissemination in Vehicular Adhoc Networks; enabling under water sensor networks data communication; smart parking systems; node activation schemes for Energy Efficient user localization; smart technique for tracking/monitoring fishes in fresh water lakes and ponds to facilitate the fisherman; a priority based Wireless Body Area Network for disaster management

Cloud Computing

We are developing new procedures as well as are analyzing the currently deployed methods used to make efficient use of shared resources.