A web based testing system

TL-Exam is a user friendly web based software application to enable educators as well as trainers to take quizzes, surveys or e-exams. It is platform independent and is based on open-source software application.

Why Electronic Exam?

It saves time by automatically managing and evaluating quizzes, exams or surveys with a very quick and shorter response time. It removes the possibility of human assessment errors and enhances scoring efficiency. Randomized questioning and session based testing system, encryption and IP/MAC filtering techniques ensure reliability and user satisfaction.

Highlighted Features
- Ability to restore current session in case interruption.
- Variable grading of questions and time allocation.
- Instantly generate results/report and its statistics upon completion of test.
- Export quizzes, surveys or e-exams and their assessment reports in PDF format.

Enter TL-Exam

Please feel free to contact Jibran A. Memon for any sort of guidance or usage queries.