March 15, 2016: With open source hardware catching up for hardware and software enthusiasts in a big way, a workshop on “Programming Internet of Things using Arduino” seemed to be the perfect choice. The workshop was held on 15th-17th March at Department of Telecommunication Engineering, Mehran UET, Jamshoro in collaboration with IEEE ComSoc.

The workshop covered from the basics of Arduino to how the code interacts with the sensors. Starting with flashing LEDs to the use of serial port and programming basic sensors like PIR, ultrasonic and smoke detectors.

Day 1 started with a general introduction, hardware aspects of the Arduino, Arduino Simulator and a crash course of programming. Day 2 was devoted to the sensors integration. At the end of Day 2 students were able to make mini projects. Day 3 was initiated with the interactive session which allowed the students to pair up, brainstorm creative uses for the Arduino, and go through the steps of getting a potential project off the ground. In the end, data uploading on the web server was done in order to make a loop of Internet of Things complete.

About 40 students participated in the workshop including those enthusiastic who were having no prior experience with electronics and interfacing sensors. The workshop provided a general understanding of instructional programming languages, and served as a platform for creative people who wanted to translate their wildest techno-ideas to reality in a snap.

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