The seeds program is a wonderful opportunity to experience a new culture and learn about the technologies of the future. It is not just a program, instead it gives you the chance to develop your future. This program really is the great step towards the successful future of the ICT throughout the World. This program is helping Huawei a lot in fulfilling its goal of creating “Better Inter-Connected World”.

Visiting a new country, a new place and have interaction with the people whose language and culture is totally different is really very challenging. I was very excited when I got to know that I had been selected for this program and will be going to experience something new and challenging. I was very happy by seeing the diversity of people, languages and cultures. The Chinese culture is very beautiful as they had a great importance of their ancient places and people. The people of china were very helping and respectful. As the culture of china is very beautiful and unique similarly, their language is also very unique. We went to Beijing Language and Cultural University (BLCU) for learning about the Chinese language, their beautiful art and their unique culture. It was the tremendous time at BLCU, which is situated in the heart of china, Beijing. Beijing is one of the ancient city of china and one of the world’s most advance and beautiful city. Living in Beijing and visiting beautiful and ancient places like Summer Palace and Great Wall of China is really unforgettable. Wall of China is the most famous and the diverse place of the world, where you can find a lot of tourists from all over the World. Besides the Beijing tour, the Shenzhen tour was the most beautiful and important. Shenzhen which is known as the technical city and the Economic Zone of china is also very famous is in technology and also in its ancient places and histories. We got a chance to see the Chinese culture and very beautiful Chinese cultural dances in Shenzhen. The beauty of the Shenzhen is its technology which is famous all over the World. In Shenzhen under the supervision of Huawei Technologies we learnt a lot about the advance technology. Learning about cloud computing, 3G, 4G and 5G network was in fact the greatest experience of my life. The biggest thing was that I not only studied about these technologies but I also implemented these technologies on real servers and used it, which enhanced my knowledge as well as my practical skills. Working at the World’s most advance labs was also a tremendous experience. In short I will say that this is the greatest ICT program all over the World, which is changing the life of people and also helping ICT industry to create a “Better Inter-Connected World”.


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