Researchers and innovators gathered at the All Pakistan DICE Energy and Water Summit 2016 (UET Lahore) 19-20 December 2016, to promote the culture of innovation and entrepreneurship in the country and to transform Pakistan into an innovation-driven economy.
DICE program is a strategic initiative of DICE Foundation (Michigan, USA) that focuses in the cultivation and development of innovation in the country by the collaboration with its domestic and international partners. The main objective of DICE Program is to inculcate the cycle of innovation in the country that is essential for its development and prosperity.
DICE Program brings the academia, industry, government, entrepreneurs and expatriates under one roof to provide an environment for mutual sharing of innovative ideas and nourishing those ideas for practical application. Theme of this year is Energy and water. Main highlight of DICE:

  • Student Project Exhibition
  • Industrial Exhibition
  • Symposium on Conserve Water & Energy for Green Pakistan

Therefore, Dept. of Telecommunication Engg. takes this opportunity to represent MUET on such a National/International platform, by exhibiting their projects based on DICE theme.

The summit, in addition to seminars, included an exhibition of marketable ideas, technologies and products. The aim of the summit was to promote innovation and commercialization of research in Pakistan. The event was inaugurated by Patron Dr. Fazal Ahmad Khalid, Vice Chancellor, UET Lahore, Pakistan. SThe important highlight of the DICE are the following sessions:

  1. Renewable Energy(RE) Resources
  2. Sustainable Irrigation Systems for Agriculture
  3. Energy Management (EM)
  4. Sustainable Energy(SE)
  5. Safe drinking Water for Communities
  6. Safe drinking Water for Communities

Apart from the DICE, team from TL, MUET also delivered a workshop on Internet of Things (IoT) to the 3rd and 4th year Bachler’s student, which was greatly appreciated by the faculty and students. The team also visited the IoT lab at Al-Khwarizmi Institute of Computer Science (KICS), UET Lahore, led by Dr. Ghalib A.Shah. The MUET team comprises of following teachers and students from the Dept. of telecommunication Engg.


  1. Engr. Nafeesa Bohra
  2. Engr. Mamta Bachani


  1. Engr. Komal Memon (M.E Student / Lab Supervisor)
  2. Engr. Ghulam Fiza
  3. Engr. Anzal Memon
  4. Engr. Atiq Jatt

Mehran UET is proud of all the teachers/students who displayed their projects.

Glimpses of DICE & IoT Workshop

20161219_102255 20161219_121615 20161219_121620 IMG-20161223-WA0238 IMG-20161223-WA0239 IMG-20161223-WA0240 IMG-20161223-WA0241 IMG-20161223-WA0242 IMG-20161223-WA0243 IMG-20161223-WA0244 IMG-20161223-WA0245 IMG-20161223-WA0246 IMG-20161223-WA0247 IMG-20161223-WA0248 IMG-20161223-WA0249 IMG-20161223-WA0250 IMG-20161223-WA0251 IMG-20161223-WA0256 IMG-20161223-WA0258 IMG-20161223-WA0259 IMG-20161223-WA0260

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