Wide range of WSN applications has attracted number of researchers in recent years throughout the world. Keeping the latest trends in view and the interest of faculty and young researchers, Department of Telecommunication Engineering, Mehran University of Engineering Technology (MUET), took initiative and establish an Internet of Things (IoT) lab following the pattern of Google offices and Nest I/O. Our aim is to provide platform where the brains would be nurtured in such a way that they would be able to learn the latest trends in research but also cultivate their own ideas and bring them to reality.  The IoT team aim to provide quality research, explores & build smart applications and provide IoT based solutions both at national and international levels.

Our Vision

The technologies like embedded computing, convergence of wireless communication, and smart sensors are the foundation for IoT and have enabled today’s researchers to have greater visibility into the natural world and the activities going around. The recent growth of sensors networks have proved that it has the potential to be as useful as the Internet: for example:  the Internet allows us faster, easier accesses to data and information from the digital world, in the same manner sensor networks expand our ability to access data from the physical world.  Carrying the same vision and work in this direction, Wireless sensor networks have been chosen as its ground and we plan to take it to a farther level as far as the development of WSNs is concerned. The team will contribute to build a ‘future of connectivity’ and ‘Internet of Things’. Our aim is to train/motivate young and talented brains of the country and provide them an environment not only to cultivate ideas but also to make them think out of the box. Ideas that can motivate the world’s leading industries who have all the necessary resources to influence the upcoming trends. The team also envisions introducing the students with the latest trends of the IoT and help them understand the ongoing research and to get alongside it, maybe even ahead of it.  We also aim to provide an independent, completely programmable sensor test beds so that the young innovators carry the research and perform experiments for new developments.

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