Alumni of TL-MUET

The Alumni Telecom Association is a platform to promote and facilitate lifelong links between the University and its Alumni. It is dedicated to build an active relationship between the department and its former graduates as well as be a great source of inspiration for the current students through frequent meetings, counseling and guidance from the former graduates. The membership of Alumni Telecom Association is free of cost and open to all the graduates and graduating students of the University. However, they are required to register with us.

Chairman's Message

This department was established in the year 2001 and infact was the first ever telecommunication engineering department in any public sector university of Pakistan. Our graduates are already serving the reputable telecommunication organizations both in Pakistan and abroad. Now this is the time to gather our former graduated students in the Alumni pool to get us united, share our knowledge, experiences and awareness to our young graduates.
Faisal Karim Shaikh

Aims and Objectives

  • Provide a forum to bring together Alumni and MUET Telecom for the purpose of providing assistance to each other and guiding its students in meeting their academic and professional goals.

  • Promote the welfare and interests of University and Alumni more effectively.

  • Enable Alumni to participate in activities that would contribute to the advancement and development of the University.

  • Institute prizes, scholarship and render financial aid or consultation on specific tasks or projects to the University.

  • Keep close contact with constituent Alumni of our Department.

  • Promote and encourage contacts amongst the graduates of MUET in order to create, support, and strengthen the network among the members.

  • To further such other aims as the Governing Body (GB) may decide from time to time.


  • The MUET Telecom Alumni Association (MUETTLAA) shall have a Governing Body (GB), consisting of members from all MUET constituent Department. These members are called directors of GB and also serve as Presidents of their respective Alumni Associations. The important decisions must be made by the Governing Body (GB) during their meetings. The GB shall have a four member executive committee (EC), consisting of a Chair, a Vice-Chair and Treasurer from NAA and a Secretary from MUET.

  • The MUET Telecom Alumni Association (MUETTLAA) will also have other standing committees in charge of various functions or areas. Standing Committee includes Membership or Alumni services, fund raising, finance, publicity, MUET liaison and scholarships.

  • The Chairperson and Vice-Chair and Directors of sub committees are appointed by the Governing Body (GB) and they are usually Directors of Governing Body (GB).

Functions of Central Office

  • Ensure that constitution or by laws of MUET Telecom Alumni Association (MUETTLAA) are implemented in letter and spirit.

  • Promote MUET and its constituent Institutes in and outside Pakistan.

  • Assist and facilitate the representative offices to run their associations.

  • Provide initial funding to hold annual events for reunions/dinner until the representative offices become self sufficient.

  • Collect and maintain an active database of all alumni and disseminate relevant information.

  • Advise and guide the Alumni Association of respective department to work towards the common goal and welfare of MUET.

  • Creation, maintenance and distribution of endowment fund shall be controlled by the Executive Committee (EC) after deliberation with the Governing Body (GB), where Secretary of MUET Alumni Association will be from MUET.

  • Formulate and distribute Alumni Newsletter and year-books to all alumni and alma mater.

  • Design and issue MUET Alumni Membership Cards to all alumni.

  • Seek and create opportunities that benefit MUET, its constituent colleges and its Alumni.

MUETTLAA Registration Form

Please register yourself and become part of strong professional Alumni. On this platform, we are organizing different events such as seminars. Let us finish the communication gap in between us by filling up the following form with the desired particulars. To let you know, we have 167 members registered with us so far. As a side note, you can find more about the MUET Alumni @ MUET Alumni

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